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Being the ninth largest country in the world as well as the world's largest landlocked country, Kazakhstan offers a large variety of museums and exhibitions based on the nomadic roots. The geography, customs and ancient roots of Kazakhstan make the country an important cultural and economic bridge between Asia and Europe.

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

365bet注册网址Though the current building of museum dates to 1985, the Central State Museum was established in 1930. Situated in Almaty, the new building features four large exhibition halls that exhibit the development of Kazakhstan from the early Bronze Age to the Russian Empire and the Communist period in addition to the present day. Also the Museum exhibits the beautiful collection of Kazakh handicrafts and jewellery.

Address: 44, Samal-1, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 644650, +7 3272 642200, +7 3272 645577

The Archaeological Museum of the Kazakhstan National Academy of Sciences:

Opened in 1973, this archaeological museum features four exhibitions showcasing the development of civilization in Kazakhstan from the ancient period up to the late middle Ages. It offers an opportunity to study the continuity of Kazakh culture and traditions. There is a statue of Zhambyl Zhabayev, a famous Kazakh poet in front of museum.

Address: 44, Dostyk Ave., at Zhambyl Street, Almaty.
Tel.: +7 3272 918585

Abay Qunanbaev Museum:

In 1995, Abay Qunanbaev Museum was opened in Semey to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the poet's birth. Situated in Semey city, the museum is fully devoted to the poet Abay Qunanbaev that covers all the aspects of his life. Abay Qunanbaev translated a lot of Russian works into Kazak and also introduced Kazak as a literary language.

Address: Semey (Semipalatinsk), East Kazakhstan province, Kazakhstan.

The State Book Museum:

The State Book Museum was established in 1977 which showcases the history of Kazakh writing and book printing. Get a chance to watch over 20,000 artifacts which include rare original manuscripts, ancient drawings, current periodical editions, booklets, emblems and charts. The Museum also has a collection of the modern publications of Kazakhstan.

Address: 494, Kabanbai Batyr Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 611104

The A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts:

Named after Abylkhan Kasteyev - people's artist of Kazakhstan, this museum exhibits over 20 thousands artifacts tracing the art history of the East and West from ancient to recent times. The exhibit includes paintings, graphics, sculptures and decorative arts etc. One can also watch the 200 works by Russian and Western masters which were denoted by the Russian Museum and the A. S. Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. The museum is a member of International Confederation of Museums (ICOM) that offers 14 permanent, temporary and traveling exhibitions.

Address: 30A Satpaev str., Almaty, 480070, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 478249, +7 3272 476195

The Geology Museum of the Academy of Science:

Situated in a basement filled with semi-precious stones, visitors have to use elevators to go inside this unique museum. The museum not only showcases the collection of natural mineral resources and stones of Kazakhstan but is also offers some interactive computer show, demonstrating different geological processes. It also has shops selling precious stones, fragments of ancient rocks and jewellery.

Address: 69а, Kabanbai Batyr Street, at Valikhanov Str., Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 915883

The State Museum of Popular Musical Instruments:

365bet注册网址Built in 1980, the State Museum of Popular Musical Instruments is wellknown as one of the important cultural sights of former capital. It has got a collection of Kazakh musical instruments along with personal dombras of peots, zhyrau and composers that include Abai, Zhambyl, Makhambet. Amre, Dina and many more. The museum is housed in a traditional Russian wooden building that dates back to 1907.

Address: 24 Zenkov Str., Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 916326

The Nature Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

Being the section of the Research Zoology institute of the Academy of Science, the nature museum offers an opportunity to know more about the Paleontology and Zoology sciences. In the Paleontology section, one can watch the skeletons of animals in petrified wood, found in Kazakhstan, dating from early geological epochs. Get amazed while watching the original skeletons of dinosaurs, giant rhinos, species of proboscideans, ancient giant pigs and many other fascinating exhibits. It also offers a large variety of birds, mammals, butterflies and other insects, snakes and reptiles inhabiting the Kazakh surroundings.

Following are some of the other famous museums in the country.


The Almaty History Museum:
Address: 108, Nauryzbai Batyr Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 610359

Auezov Memorial / Auezov House Museum:
Address: 185 Tulebaev Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 612227, +7 3272 617441, +7 3272 615917

Military and Historical Museum:
Address: 24, Zenkov Street, at Kaldayakov Sr, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 912327

Umai Art Museum:
Address: 108, Nauryzbai Batyr Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3272 729216


Museum of Contemporary Arts:
Address: 3 Republic Avenue, Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 215433

Presidential Cultural Center, Exhibition Hall:
Address: 1 Barayev Street, Astana, Kazakhstan.
Tel.: +7 3172 223300

Saken Seifullin Museum:
Address: 78 Oktyabrskaya str., Astana, 473000, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3172 60859, +7 3172 60712


Aliya Moldagulova Memorial Museum:
Address: 7 Kereeva str., Aktobe, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3132 28583, +7 3132 28584

Historical Museum:
Address: 14 Communisticheskaya str., Aktobe, 463022, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3132 21367, +7 3132 21368


Historical Museum:
Address: 14 Ordzhonikidze street, Atyrau, 465050, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 31222 31442, +7 31222 34655


Historical Museum:
Address: 38 Erubaev street, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3212 571279, +7 3212 576931, +7 3212 571090

Museum of Fine Arts:
Address: 76 Bukhar Zhyrau street, Karaganda, 470032, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3212 432993


Historical Museum:
Address: 115 Altynsarin street, Kostanay, 458000, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3142 542649, +7 3142 546932


Historical Museum:
Address: 55Tole be street, Taraz, 484039, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 32622 32585


Eastern Kazakhstan Historical Museum:
Address: 40 Uritskogo Street, Ust-Kamenogosk, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3232 655460, +7 3232 654933

Eastern Kazakhstan Museum of Fine Arts:
Address: 65 Tohtarova street, Ust-Kamenogorsk, 492025, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 3232 655460, +7 3232 654970